Uruguay, Oriental Republic of

Capital: MontevideoArea: 176.215 km2Population: 3.510.500Official Language: SpanishArmed Forces Personnel: 24.650

Surgeon General
José Alcain Bigliante
Brigadier General

Director de la Dirección Nacional de
Sanidad de las Fuerzas Armadas
Ministry of National Defence
Avenida 8 de Octubre, 2628de

Basic Task of the Military Medical Service

Our vision is defined by a strong Service Vocation which
means our institution is constantly growing to satisfy the
needs of our users, our vision being to strengthen its basic
pillars which are:
Care for its users, constant technological updating and
improvement to its physical infrastructure.

The Armed Forces Health Service has as its mission that of
supporting the Armed Forces, protecting or regaining the
health of its members, a service which will extend to its
members' family members.

• Maintaining the maximum human potential of the Armed
Forces in good health by means of preventive measures
and appropriate medical, surgical, dental, hospitalization
and rehabilitation treatments.
• Suggesting policy and setting the standards and pro -
cedures for the use of the health resources of the Armed
Forces in times of peace and of war, as well as carrying out
orders issued in this respect by higher command.
• Providing out-patient and hospital treatment at the levels
of primary prevention, by specialisms and specialised.
• Carrying out educational and research actions which
improve the institutional and individual efficiency of the
Armed Forces Health Services.
• Conducting investigation into health care problems within
its remit on factors which have an influence on such prob -
lems, for the periodical assessment and amendment of
Health Programmes.
• Cooperating in epidemiological investigations and studies
conducted by the Ministry of Public Health which are of
interest in acquiring knowledge of community health
issues and determining solutions for them.
• Maintaining the specific character and integration of the
Armed Forces Health Services within the National Health
• Technically supervising and controlling the Armed Forces
Health Services.
• Maintaining the bio-statistical records of the Health Service
and timely and adequate information with regard to
hygiene and preventive problems.
• Ensuring appropriate psychological and physical selection
of Military personnel, and conducting periodical medical
• Formulating and executing plans for the recruitment,
mobilisation and training of Health Personnel, in support
of operations.
• Recommending levels of equipment and supplies in the
health organizations of the Armed Forces, as well as
rehabilitation and maintenance.
• Obtaining, storing, conserving and supplying the equipment,
medicines and health facilities needed for the
Armed Forces, in accordance with the needs and levels set
for the fulfilment of assigned Missions.
• Keeping updated records of users of the Armed Forces
Health Services.
• Making proposals, to secure efficient administration,
based on the opportune and trustworthy provision of information
for the taking of decision at every organizational
• Being a reserve of health support to respond to situations
of disaster or national emergency.


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05/28/2018 - 05/31/2018
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