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Report: Nicholas Fernandes ; Nuno Silva

Surgical Approach of a Dentigerous Cyst

Portuguese Armed Forces Hospital – Dental Service

Report: Reinke

Barodontalgia - Toothache triggered by hypobaric and hyperbaric conditions

Hypobaric and hyperbaric changes can trigger extreme states of pain in the human body. This article focuses on the phenomenon of barodontalgia, describing its pathophysiology and providing suggestions for preventative measures and approaches to treatment based on patient cases.


Preparation for active deployment and combat readiness from the perspective of dental medicine

A critical review

Article: Th. Eger, J. Weyer, R. Thierbach (Germany)

Postgraduate curricular periodontal education for military dentists

Untreated advanced periodontal disease is a main reason for the development of dental emergencies and sick call during deployments. The purpose of this study was to compare the effect of a postgraduate periodontal training on the quantity of periodontal treatment and prevention.

Article: J. LOWE, R. J. McCORMICK (UK)

The Future Direction for Oral Healthcare in the British Army

From the Public Health Department, United Kingdom Defence Dental Services

Article: J. Rehder

Dental treatment at sea by on-board dentists and naval surgeons

A dental surgeon is not always on board or near at hand to provide dental care to personnel serving on sea-going naval units. However, it is essential to ensure that appropriate dental treatment can be provided in emergencies that occur at sea by either an on-board dentist or naval surgeon.

Section Defence Forces Dental Services

Shanghai, China


SDFDS is the Section Defence Forces Dental Services from the FDI. Every year prior to the FDI annual congress we organize an annual meeting. This meeting contains of a cultural day and a scientific program of 2 days, in which international military dentists share their experiences, challenges and latest developments.

The next meeting will be from 29 AUG-1SEPT in Shanghai, China