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The Threat to Humanitas in Asymmetric Conflict

A Challenge for Military Medical Ethics


Concept of Blood Supply in the Army of the Czech Republic

New Field Transfusion Unit

Report: DUAN LianNing, LUO Yuan, LU ChengRong, XU XianRong, WANG JianChang

Analysis of Medical Evaluation of Hematological Diseases in 83 Air Force Aircrews

The aim of this paper is to analyze the characteristics of hematological diseases in 83 Air Force aircrews and investigate its relationship to their flying ability and medical evaluation. Our results suggest that most aircrew patients can return to flying position after treatment except malignant or progressive diseases. The medical evaluation should be made according to the nature and prognosis of disease,therapeutic efficacy, as well as the flying airplane type.

Article: J. Meyer, J. Koch, O. Krieter (Germany)

Military Medical Support in the Humanitarian Arena (MMSHA)

NATO-Accredited Training for Civilian Healthcare Providers and Military Medical Personnel

Report: MCM Bricknell, LM Kelly

Tactical Aeromedical Evacuation

This paper discusses the principles of tactical aeromedical evacuation (TACEVAC) planning and execution with specific consideration of the command and control arrangements for TACEVAC. UK personnel may be familiar with TACEVAC procedures using UK national aircraft and aeromedical evacuation crews between national medical facilities. Recent operations, most particularly in Afghanistan, have illustrated the requirement to understand TACEVAC within a multi-national context as both our military hospitals have moved patients using other nations aircraft and medical escort crews, and UK aeromedical aircraft and crews have moved other nations’ patients.

Report: OF-2 Peter JAGADICS (HUN A)

“Right Patient, Right Escort, Right Platform, Right Destination at the Right Time”

NATO Patient Evacuation Coordination Cell (PECC) Course – COE-MED-M4-008

Report: Capt (N) Dr. Andreas Dierich, MC (DEU)

In the service of our troops: a military medical challenge

The NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine

Report: J. Hoitz

German Military Hospital in Hamburg: Regionally potent, internationally cross-linked

German Armed Forces run five military hospitals. One is located the North of Germany in Hamburg, the beautiful and well-known german harbour city.

Article: P. JAGADICS (HUN A)

Deployed Course in Hamburg

NATO Emergency Medical Pre-deployment Team Training

Article: J. Rehder

Dental treatment at sea by on-board dentists and naval surgeons

A dental surgeon is not always on board or near at hand to provide dental care to personnel serving on sea-going naval units. However, it is essential to ensure that appropriate dental treatment can be provided in emergencies that occur at sea by either an on-board dentist or naval surgeon.

Article: Colonel Privatdozent Dr. med. E. Kollig

Infections after abroad Situations

Interview: Colonel Dr. Kai Schlolaut

“Certainly the biggest change!”

Interview with with Dr. David Smith


Nepalese Military Medical Service

Directorate General of Medical Services is the highest authority to oversee the medical services within the Nepalese Army. Medical services in Nepalese Army started in 1925 with the establishment of Tri Chandra Military Hospital in Kathmandu. Later in 1990, the establishment of 490 bedded multispeciality Shree Birendra Hospital in Chhauni, Kathmandu commemorates the expanding medical services in the organization.


Caring for Compatriots

Military Necessity before Medical Need?


Infectious Spondylitis

An Operationally Relevant Disease?


The Joint Staff Surgeon

The Face of U.S. Military Medicine in the International Community

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