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Welcome to the Military Medical Corps Worldwide ALMANAC, the only comprehensive summary of military medical services throughout the world. Military medical services are an important component of national armed forces, providing medical support during military deployments, and also caring for military personnel and other beneficiaries in garrison locations. Military medical services may represent a substantial component of government-funded health services and make a significant contribution to national disaster response. The ALMANAC celebrates the roles of military medical services and is comparable to other separate indexes and databases of international armed forces and health systems.

The ALMANAC hosts the description of each country’s military medical services as provided by their Surgeon Generals. These descriptions follow a common framework to enable comparison between countries. They offer a forum for each country to showcase themselves and publish facts and sources for further information to promote better understanding of their roles and capabilities. This complements information available in government publications and other sources from individual countries. The ALMANAC provides a publicly accessible resource for military medical personnel, researchers, and businesses to enable better understanding of the contribution of military medical services to national armed forces and national health systems. 

We are grateful to each Surgeon General who has provided information on their military medical service. We encourage users of this resource to provide feedback on the content and quality of the information available in the ALMANAC. Please send any corrections, additions, or suggestions to the email address below.


Professor (Dr) Martin Bricknell CB OStJ PhD DM
Lieutenant General (Retd)

Ms Julia Ehlen
Events and Publications

I took over as Editor-in-Chief from Dr Lutz Bandekow in Spring 2021. I would like to publicly acknowledge his tireless contribution to military medical through his dedication to the Military Medical Corps Worldwide ALMANAC.

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Professor (Dr) Martin Bricknell CB OStJ PhD DM
Lieutenant General (Retd)



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