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We, the editorial team, are committed to a firm and coherent editorial line and the highest possible online standards. But it is ultimately you, the author, who alone can ensure that will be an interesting and lively magazine and altogether a good read. This is why we would like to seize this opportunity to thank all our authors whose contributions enable the cross-border exchange of professional views and experiences.

We are thankful for your contribution and participation to make every publication a good read.
Please contact our editorial team:

Tips for Authors

Dear Author,
Virtually all of our authors are recruited from our target audience. By competently providing relevant first-hand information, will become a global platform for informed exchanges among highly skilled professionals. will use its wide range of subjects to stimulate and deepen the integration of the different military and civil medical services, their individual branches and their functional sections. This is why is a unique communication medium: within the military and civil medical services of different nations, between the services and members of the reserve units, international aid organisations and the relevant commercial companies and manufacturers.

Tips and useful hints for our Authors

In order to make life easier both for you and for us in the editorial team, we would like to specify a few rules and guidelines.


Please deliver your script in five parts of different data formats:


– Word document, Standard 12 Pt., Times New Roman.
– Signpost the positions of illustrations and tables in italics, for example: (Fig. 1) or (Table 1).
– Add all captions for pictures and tables at the end of the text, for example (Fig. 1: Suture).
– At the very end: Author’s address.


– Pictures and diagrams, once integrated into Word, can be no longer processed. This is why we must ask you to deliver separate picture files.
– Illustrations and diagrams should carry a number – for example: Fig. 1 – so the printers know where to put them in the text. They should also carry a caption.
– Both slides and photos are possible. Digital images are best, because they can be most easily processed provided they have a resolution of at least 300 dpi on an image size of 100 %.
– Unfortunately, we cannot process Powerpoint files. Please use only Corel Draw, Freehand, Illustrator or jpg files


– Only in Word or Excel. No picture files please.


– Color photo or digitalized color image (soldiers in uniform).


– Rank, title, full name (first name and surname), nationality.
– Date and place of birth (optional, but it would help).
– Major subject at university, relevant additional qualifications, name and location of university.
– Current occupation


– Your articles should not exceed a length of 5-7 (script) pages and should not feature more than 2 or 3 illustrations and 2 or 3 tables. Shorter contributions are welcome. (More complex subjects can be sub-divided into 2 or 3 individual articles in agreement with the Editor-in- Chief). Please no rigidly academic structure because we cannot print bibliographies.
– Reports (congresses, conferences, special events): 2 (script) pages max.




– “From the department ….. (Consultant: [name].) of the..[name of hospital or department]“.


– Short and catchy! – Titles in the printed magazine must not exceed two lines, i.e. app. 80 characters.


– Full names (first names and surnames) – Two authors max. – The first name is the name of the responsible author.


– Brief abstract which will be made available as an “appetizer” in the Internet archive


– Logically coherent, concise, tailored to the needs and requirements of the target audience (readership).


– Summary and conclusion.


INTENTION provides you with the opportunity of presenting your professional work and your experiences in the field or in medical administration to a highly skilled and qualified international audience.

In order to retain their capacity to implement editorial concepts and also for commercial reasons, the publishers must reserve the right to make cuts and stylistic alterations. We advise our authors to keep in close and immediate contact with the Editorial-team.

Once an article has been published by Beta Publishing, all rights to that article including its pictures and illustrations will be transferred to the publishers.

"For all material [e.g. texts, illustrations, photos or graphics] which you make available to us for publication, the publisher assumes and you expressly guarantee that such use for this purpose is permissible, that you are authorised and actually able to grant corresponding rights of use and that the use does not infringe any rights of third parties. In the event of a claim against the Publisher due to the infringement of third-party rights based on the agreed and intended use of the material provided, you shall be obliged to indemnify the Publisher in full against any claims by third parties, including all costs and damages".

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