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For more than 40 years, Beta Verlag has been the authority in the field of military and disaster medicine. We know the topics, needs and concerns of military medical personnel worldwide and provide a forum for them to contact each other so that they can exchange ideas and learn from one another’s experiences. We also provide a bridge to the medical equipment and pharmaceutical industry to support further innovation and development of products to meet the needs of patients and clinicians in military and disaster settings.

Our publications as well as our conferences are aimed at active duty and reserve military medical personnel worldwide across all professional groups (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, veterinarians and other health professionals), as well as experts in internal security, civil protection and disaster relief. 

The following are some examples from our portfolio: 

Military-medicine.com -  https://military-medicine.com/ - this website

Wehrmedizin und Wehrpharmaziehttps://wehrmed.de/ - the leading German-language journal focusing on the training and continuing education of medical officers on active service, medical officer cadets (medical students) and reserve medical officers working as general practitioners, dentists, veterinary surgeons and pharmacists.

DiMiMED - https://events.military-medicine.com/dimimed/  - our flagship conference which is held alongside MEDICA in November each year

European Military Medical Services - EMMShttps://military-medicine.com/article/4122-special-print-2020.html - an annual review of current topics relevant to military medicine in Europe.

Our website, military-medicine.com is a ‘free at point of use’, open access resource for information and debate on military medicine. Our company and website provide four key resources for your use: 

  1. Military Medical Corps Worldwide Almanac – the only comprehensive, international reference source for descriptions of nations’ military medical services provided by each country’s Surgeon General.

  2. Military-medicine.com Journal – a free internet journal for intellectual debate on topics in military medicine.

  3. DiMiMed and a list of other military medical conferences – including – physical and virtual conferences and exhibitions on military medicine.

  4. Military medical business forum – a hosting platform for commercial suppliers in the military medical market.


Please visit the landing page for each section for more information.

We welcome feedback on any aspect of our website and services.

Best wishes!

Heike Lange
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