Azerbaijan, Republic of

Capital: BakuArea: 86.600 km2Population: 10.027.874Official Language: AzerbaijaniArmed Forces Personnel: 95.000Medical Officers: n/aMilitary Hospitals / Institutes: 6/n/aMissions: n/a

Surgeon General
Firuddin Nabiyev
Major General

Ministry of Defence
Military Medical Department
Parliament Avenue 3
Baku 1073

The Azerbaijan Armed Forces (AAF) have three branches: the Azerbaijani Land Forces, the Azerbaijani Air Force and Air Defence Force, a single united branch, and the Azerbaijani Navy. Associated forces include the National Guard, the Internal Troops of Azerbaijan, the State Border Service, and Coast Guard and can be involved in state defence when needed.

The AAF do not have an independent Medical Service. However, medical personnel are integrated into the troops at unit and command level and are supervised by a Military Medical Staff in the MoD.

Military Hospitals

Central Clinical Hospital
76 Parliament Avenue, 1000 Baku

Baku military garrison Hospital
4 Neftchiler Avenue, 1000 Baku

Military Hospital of Frontiers
F. X. Khoyski 97, 1000, Baku

Central Customs Hospital
Kazimzade st. 118. , 1065 Baku

Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (A.Heydarov)
Ziya Bunyadov Avenue 36, 1106 Baku

Central Military Hospital
Jalil Mammadguluzade st. 3, 1000 Baku Nasimi district

Military Hospital of the Ministry of National Security
Mektebli street. 1, 1000 Baku Badamdar district 

The 150-bed hospital has a polyclinic, a clinical laboratory, an operating room, reanimation, intensive therapy, angiography, radiology and endoscopy departments, a helicopter square, a parking, a 120-seat conference hall and a greenery strip.

Polyclinic of the Army Medical Department of the Ministry of National Security
Army Medical Department of the Ministry of National Security – an institution that conducts complex health care, epidemic control and sanitary measures to protect the health of its employees, as well as their families and retirees. Polyclinic of the Army Medical Department provides highly specialized consultative and medical help to the employees of Ministry, organizes health-improving and sanatorium- and spa treatment for them, provides health check of citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the military service, as well as determines causality of injuries and illnesses of citizens to service.

Besides ambulatory care, Polyclinic of the Ministry also provides medical service at home, in case of need organizes consultations of qualified specialists and hospital treatment. Army Medical Department of the Ministry of National Security provides periodic clinical examination of its employees, as well as their families and retirees, uses up-to-date innovations for timely determination, prophylaxis and treatment of illness. Polyclinic provides medical control in physical and military trainings of staff, mass sports activities. Polyclinic of the Army Medical Department arranges sanitary control in the facilities of Ministry, checks fitness of resources (technical equipment, garment, food etc.) purchased for the needs of Ministry and scrutinizes their certificates of quality.

Training / Education

Military Medicine Faculty at Azerbaijan Medical University

(status: 19th January 2023)