Global Surgery

Wednesday 7 March 2018 in London

The Global surgery event on Wednesday 7 March 2018
Key topics include Strengthening surgical care in Sierra Leone and Surgery in response to military and medical advances

about this event
This one day meeting will provide an update on current collaborative practices that have led to substantial improvements in access to safe and high quality care throughout developing nations. It will describe opportunities for involvement in such initiatives, as well as exploring the growing interest and opportunities for quality research networks.

Book your place to hear experts such as noted consultant surgeon, Mr Andy Leather, give an inspirational lecture on strengthening the surgical care system. In addition to exploring the latest developments in these areas, delegates will also learn about the opportunities that exist to become involved in this rewarding and challenging area of surgical practice.



  • Understand how collaborative working has led to improvements in safety and efficacy of surgical practice in Sierra Leone and Rural Africa
  • Know how new technological advances are breaking down barriers in introducing new and complex surgical techniques to developing nations
  • Learn the balance of introducing new technology over the constraints of availability in rural African surgical practice
  • Explore the challenges and know the opportunities for undertaking large scale surgical research in low income and middle income countries
  • Advocate the opportunities for medical student involvement with international student collaborative in developing nations

who should attend?
Consultants, trainees, medical students, research scientists, professionals working in global health, public health, cancer policy, treatment, education, epidemiology and the third sector.

Member rates start at £45 - £100
Non member rates start at £65 - £150


* The programme and speaker line up will be updated regularly.

Date: 02/21/2018


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