Dear Reader,

The COVID-19 Pandemic is currently causing the world to hold its breath. 

The infection rates are soaring in most countries, with some intensive care units in hospitals working to the limits of their capacity and the death rate giving us great cause for concern.

The civilian health organisations are working shoulder to shoulder with the Armed Forces of the various countries. The military’s resources and capabilities are providing support – partly very crucial – to the civilian systems of the states. 

Military hospitals are admitting increasing numbers of civilian patients, intensive care equipment is being made available, patient transfer flights in military aircraft are relieving the pressure on many hospitals and the logistics of the Armed Forces is being applied.

Civil-Military Cooperation is proving its worth in these difficult times, as it has before in major cases of damage and during catastrophes.

In the portraits of their Military Medical Services, a large number of countries have described their co-operation with civilian organisations in the ALMANAC.

The ALMANAC Military Medical Corps Worldwide online is the only publication of its kind and as such it is used worldwide. It offers a forum for all military medical services throughout the world, through which they will have the opportunity to showcase themselves and publish facts and information about their work with the aim of promoting better understanding. The descriptions of the medical services in the ALMANAC are based on information provided by the individual countries with the authorisation of the relevant Surgeon Generals themselves, other freely available information, electronic media and personal reports.

We would be grateful if you would also actively participate in this process (free of charge). Please send any corrections, proposed alterations, additions and suggestions to the email address below.

The same applies for a new installation of portraits and the insertion of pictures and URLs of course.

With best regards,


Dr med Lutz Bandekow

Brigadier General MC (ret)



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