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The new ALMANAC Military Medical Corps Worldwide is present. Still a little bit unfamiliar, but it is now available online anytime.

With our demand for being up-to-date, the ALMANAC will be published in an online version from 2018 on. The permanently updated portraits will be available for you, dear reader, with just one click at www.military-medicine.com/almanac so you will always be able to find out what changes occurred in the International Military Medical Service.

Still, that is not the best of it: From now on you can shape the portrait compelling and individually by adding URLs to names, pictures, single words, even videos to create an extensive representation of your military medical service.

If something significant should change in your medical service, let us know just like before by writing to

The equivalent change will occur in your online portrait promptly and free of charge. The same applies for a new installation of portraits and the insertion of pictures and URLsof course.

We would be grateful if you would also actively participate in this process. Please send any corrections, proposed alterations, additions and suggestions to the email address below.

The ALMANAC Military Medical Corps Worldwide online is the only publication of its kind and as such it is used worldwide.  It offers a forum for all military medical services throughout the world, through which they will have the opportunity to showcase themselves and publish facts and information about their work with the aim of promoting better understanding. The descriptions of the medical services in the ALMANAC are based on information provided by the individual countries with the authorisation of the relevant Surgeon Generals themselves, other freely available information, electronic media and personal reports.  The heads of the Military Medical Services of the Armed Forces that plan to be included (free of charge) in the ALMANAC are also requested to contact us at this address so that we can provide more specific information.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincerest thanks to those military medical services that have already provided relevant information.

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Dr med Lutz Bandekow

Brigadier General MC (ret)



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Nations without Armed Forces / Military Medical Services

For constitutional reasons, governmental decrees, or for reasons of capacity, the following independent countries do not have their own armed forces. In the event of war, defence is handled by military protective powers. Apart from this, several of these countries have civil security forces and/or paramilitary units (special units, coast guard). However, those countries do not dispose of an independent or integrated medical service.