Spain, Kingdom of

Capital: MadridArea: 505.970 km2Population: 47.100.396Official Language: SpanishArmed Forces Personnel: 121.000Medical Officers: 1.050Military Hospitals / Institutes: 2/4Missions: multiple

Surgeon General
Juan Jose Sanchez Ramos
Major General

Inspector General de Sanidad de la Defensa
Hospital Central de la Defensa Gomez Ulla
Glorieta del Ejército S/N
Madrid 28047

Basic Task of the Medical Service
Support, protect and maintain the health of the Spanish Armed Forces personnel.

The INSPECCION GENERAL DE SANIDAD (General Inspection of Health) is the supreme authority in Spanish Military Medical Service.
The Inspector-General de Sanidad (Surgeon General) is under the authority of Undersecretary of Defence. A Military Medical Directorate in the Army, Navy and Air Force, with functional dependence of the Armed Forces Surgeon General.

  • Medical Directorate, with 2 Military Hospitals and 6 Military Clinics
  • Preventive Medicine Institute
  • Blood Centre
  • Pharmaceutical Directorate with a Military Pharmaceutical Centre
  • Veterinary Directorate with a Military Veterinary Centre

(status: 6 April 2022)