Capital: KyivArea: 603.700 km2Population: 41.830.619Official Language: UkrainianArmed Forces Personnel: 250.000Medical Officers: 2.140Military Hospitals / Institutes: 26/1Missions: multiple

Surgeon General
Igor Khomenko MD
Major General MC

Director of Military Medical Department of Ministry of Defence
Povitroflotsky Ave. 6
03168 Kyiv



The UAF Medical Service is a highly effective team of professionals that uses previous experiences to create progress.

Our mission is to save life and health of a soldier in daily activity, combat, and after discharge from the military. The main objective of the UAF Medical Service is to organize and ensure actions to maintain and promote health of the military, their families and other categories of citizens, as defined by the legislation of Ukraine.

The Main Military Medical Directorate

Main Military Medical Directorate, the new strategic-level medical C2 agency, was established to ensure command and control of the Medical Service of the Ukrainian Armed Forces that would embrace NATO principles of medical support.

Main Military Medical Directorate was created to organize medical support in the UAF, to manage the medical service, as well as to implement state policy in healthcare for the military, military families, and other categories of citizens as defined by the legislation of Ukraine.

Main tasks of the Main Military Medical Directorate:

1) Ensure implementation of state policy on healthcare for the Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel, medical support to the military, their families, and other categories of citizens eligible to use MOD health care system;

2) Define, within its authority as established by the law, the priority lines of effort and forecasts for the future development and improvement of the health care system for the UAF soldiers, shape and organize provision of programs for development of the health care system for the Armed Forces for the peacetime and the special period, public oversight of health care in the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces;

3) Make sure that MOD medical facilities comply to the standards of medical care (medical standards), clinical protocols and other health care standards;

4) Organization of medical support for the Armed Forces in peacetime and in the special period, development and provision of preventive, treatment, health resort treatment and rehabilitation activities aimed at maintaining the health of the UAF soldiers;

5) Organization of command and control, planning and employment of forces and assets of the Armed Forces;

6) Development of the procedure of medical examinations in the military, organization and oversight for it, provision of proposals on organization and provision of military medical examination in the Armed Forces;

7) Management of healthcare facilities in the MOD system, development of terms of reference for such facilities and ensuring they maintain high combat and mobilization readiness and are ready to perform tasks as assigned;

8) Organization of health resort treatment for the active military and veterans of military service, their families, veterans of war, MOD civilian employees and other categories of citizens eligible to use MOD health care facilities;

9) Organization of sanitation and epidemic welfare of the Armed Forces soldiers, sanitation and epidemic oversight of the subordinate territories, facilities, military installations and units;

10) Ensuring the development of the preventive branch of medical support for the Armed Forces, promotion of a healthy lifestyle;

11) Ensuring accumulation of medical equipment and vehicles, provision of such vehicles and equipment to the Armed Forces and other military formations created in accordance with the laws of Ukraine in the special period;

12) Coordination and control over interaction of medical services of military commands of the Armed Forces and health care facilities of MOD in terms of medical support to the UAF;

13) Coordination of research and educational activities of Ukrainian Military Medical Academy, disaster medicine departments, and military medicine departments of higher medical education institutions of the Ministry of Health and military medical training in the Armed Forces;

14) Organization of award (confirmation) of qualification categories for the personnel of medical and pharmaceutical specialties;

15) Organization and provision of research and rationalization activities, implementation of the results and NATO standards when providing medical support to the Armed Forces;

16) Organization of provision of military medical use items to the Armed Forces.

Structure of the Main Military Medical Directorate:

Main Directorate is subordinate to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine and is maintained commensurate with the strength of the Armed Forces. In terms of planning, employment, command and control of forces and assets, and training of the Medical Service of the Armed Forces, Main Directorate is subordinate to the Chief of General Staff – Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

  • Command of the Main Military Medical Directorate
  • Operational-Medical Directorate
  • Treatmental-evacuation Directorate
  • Medical Supply Directorate
  • HR, Training, and International Cooperation Directorate
  • Financial Service
  • Administrative Branch
  • State Secrecy Service


Medical Service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 

  1. Land Forces Medical Service
  2. Air Forces Medical Service
  3. Navy Medical Service
  4. Airborne Medical Service
  5. SOF Medical Service