Egypt, Arabic Republic of

Capital: CairoArea: 1.010.408 km2Population: 100.075.480Official Language: ArabicArmed Forces Personnel: 470.000Medical Officers: n/aMilitary Hospitals / Institutes: 10/n/aMissions: 1 (Afghanistan)

Surgeon General
Magdy Ameen MUBARAK
Major General MC

Ministry of Defence
Kobri Al-Kobba

Military Medical Service
The Medical Services Department features 10 Military Hospitals and 2 Medical Centres offering the following services:

  • Ensuring medical care for the armed forces personnel and their families.
  • as well as civilians all over Egypt. 
  • Inviting foreign specialists for a medical conference and carrying out critical surgeries for military people and their families as well as civilians.
  • Producing drugs used by military hospitals.

Military Medical Academy

Armed Forces Medical College

(status: 15 June 2020)