India, Republic of

Capital: New DelhiArea: 3.287.263 km2Population: 1.380.004.000Official Language: English, HindiArmed Forces Personnel: 1.325.000Medical Officers: n/aMilitary Hospitals / Institutes: 133/n/aMissions: multiple

Surgeon General
Vice Admiral MC

Director General Armed Forces Medical Services
Ministry of Defence
M Block
New Delhi 110-001

Basic Task of the Military Medical Service

The primary role of the Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS) is to maintain the Indian Armed Forces at the highest level of medical fitness at all times. The Indian Armed Forces are deployed across the entire country in varied terrain and extreme climatic conditions. They are subjected to a variety of health threats related to their environmental exposure and the nature of training and operational activities. The AFMS is geared to provide an all-encompassing package of preventive, promotive, and curative health services wherever troops are deployed. In addition to the serving soldier, the AFMS provides a comprehensive health care package to the families of the soldiers as well as to retired Armed Forces personnel and their families. 

Such a comprehensive health care package includes primary, secondary and tertiary health care. This care is provided through a countrywide network of medical establishments ranging from basic Medical Inspection (MI) Rooms to state of the art tertiary care hospitals. An entitled patient entering the health care system at any level is provided complete care including an excellent referral system so that the optimum level of care required for each specific condition is made available. 

Directorate General Armed Forces Medical Services
The Directorate General Armed Forces Medical Services is an apex organisation under Ministry of Defence, headed by Lt Gen/Vice Admiral/Air Marshal. The Directorate General Armed Forces Medical Services (DGAFMS) coordinates the medical services of the Army, Navy and Air Force. The DGAFMS is the cadre controlling authority of all officers of the medical services of Army, Navy and Air Force and the civilians employed in various Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS) units. He is an advisor to the Ministry of Defence on matters pertaining to the health of the Armed Forces. The Government has laid down the role and character of responsibilities of DGAFMS. The Director(s) General Medical Services (DGMS) of the Army, Navy and Air Force are the medical advisors to their respective Service Chiefs and function in accordance with any general policy direction that may be given by the DGAFMS.

Director General Medical Services (Army)
Anup Banerji

Lieutenant General MC 

Director General Medical Services (Air Force) 
MS Butola

Air Marshal MC

Director General Medical Services (Navy)

Vice Admiral MC 

Director General Dental Services
S M Londhe

Lieutenant General 

(status: 25 January 2021)