Special Print 2020

Special Print 2020

We are pleased to present you the announced 3rd edition of the EUROPEAN MILITARY MEDICAL SERVICES.

We are pleased to present you the announced 3rd edition of the EUROPEAN MILITARY MEDICAL SERVICES, with which we are now in its third year accompanying the European military medical services in the establishment of the Military Medical Coordination Center and thus supporting the exchange of knowledge and experience. Especially the article Covid shows how valuable European cooperation is in such times of crisis.

Starting with an interview with the Director of the Multinational Medical Coordination Center (MMCC), Surgeon General Dr. Stefan Kowitz, we report on multinational exercise "European Challenge" in March 2020, which is an important element of the cooperation process.

Follow interesting reports on an exchange with British medical officer candidates at the BwKrHs Hamburg, on "Force Health Protection" as a key area of multinationalisation and an announcement of the conference "Tropical Medicine" in May 2021.

As usual we give you an informative portrait of the three new member countries, Lithuania, Republik of Poland and Slovak Republic.

The military medical services in Europe will continue to cooperate more closely in the future and with the "EMMS" we will continue to accompany this process at first hand. We look forward to the next issue in mid 2021.

Date: 07/07/2020

Source: Beta Publishing

3rd Annual Operational Medicine Symposium

September 28-29, 2021


The 3rd Annual Operational Medicine Symposium will focus on DoD initiatives to enhance military medicine in an era of great power competition. This symposium will bring together highly regarded medical professionals from all services to discuss the practice of medicine in expeditionary environments.