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Changes of Personal Values in Deployed German Armed Forces Soldiers with Psychiatric Disorders

From the German Armed Forces Hospital Berlin, Psychotrauma Center¹, Head of Department: Colonel (MC) Dr. Peter Zimmermann, Commanding Officer of the Hospital: Navy Captain (MC) Dr. Knut Reuter; and from the German Armed Forces Protestant Clergy Headquarters², Combined Forces; Head: Generaldekan Matthias Heimer Peter Zimmermann¹, Christian Fischer², Sebastian Lorenz¹, Christina Alliger-Horn¹ WMM, Volume 60 (Issue 1/2016: S. 8-14) Scientific article

3rd Annual Operational Medicine Symposium

September 28-29, 2021


The 3rd Annual Operational Medicine Symposium will focus on DoD initiatives to enhance military medicine in an era of great power competition. This symposium will bring together highly regarded medical professionals from all services to discuss the practice of medicine in expeditionary environments.