Bosnia and Herzegovina

Capital: SarajevoArea: 51.197 km2Population: 3.531.159Official Language: Bosnian, Serbian, CroatianArmed Forces Personnel: 9.200Medical Officers: 45Military Hospitals / Institutes: 0/n/aMissions: n/a

Surgeon General

Ministry of Defence
Hamdije Kreševljakovi a 98
71 000 Sarajevo

Basic Task of the Military Medical Service

Provision of prophylactic medical support to prevent injury, illness and the spread of infectious disease. Medical support of command and operational units of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Medical standby service

  • Medical support during the training of commands and operational units of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Organisation and coordination of systematic medical and laboratory examinations.
  • Training of members of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, particularly in the fields of first aid and in medical prophylactic care.
  • Medical support of landmine clearance units and other duties.


The Sector for Procurement and Logistics within the Ministry of Defence of Bosnia and Herzegovina includes a Medical Department of Veterinary. This department is responsible for drawing up medical and veterinary medical policies and the regulations for the operation of the medical service. The department currently has a doctor, a vet and a pharmacist.

The medical service of the Armed Forced of Bosnia and Herzegovina is organized as follows: It is incorporated in the commands of the units, in the Joint Command of the Armed Forces (ZS OS BiH), in Operational Command of the Armed Forces of B&H (OZ OS BiH), in the Command for the Support of the Armed Forces of B&H (ZP OS BiH) and in brigade commands.

Medical units of company size are stationed at the main logistics and logistic support bases and are qualified to provide direct medical support at the locations where the commands and units of the Armed Forces are deployed.


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     (Basic formation)

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The units are stationed in accordance with a territory-based principle and the location of the command and other units of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Number of Medical Service Personnel

General Practitioners16
General Medical Consultants8
General Surgical Consultant1
Epidemiology Consultant1
Internal Medical Consultant1
Pulmonology Consultant1
Ophthalmology Consultant1
Dermatology Consultant1
Family Medicine Consultant1
Neurology Consultant1
Biochemistry Consultants1
Veterinary Surgeons (Providing Prophylactic Care)10
Medical Technical Assistants138

Field Deployments

The military medical service can provide medical support to units of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina that are deployed outside the state up to Role 1. In order to provide support to units participating in peace missions abroad, medical units need to be provided with the appropriate equipment and training.

The Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina do not directly provide medical training to their medical officers, these obtain their qualifications from civilian institutions and through the training programmes provided by NATO member states.

(status: 11th June 2020)