Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of

Capital: LuxembourgArea: 2.586 km2Population: 626.108Official Language: Luxembourgish, German, FrenchArmed Forces Personnel: 1.100Medical Officers: 4Missions: multiple

Surgeon General
Lieutenant Colonel

Centre Militaire
Army Medical Department
9202 Diekirch


Basic Task of the Medical Service

The Medical Service is responsible for the medical care of army personnel on active service. This is understood to be comprehensive, i.e. it must cover preventative as well as curative care, both in terms of care of individual and of community medical care.

The Medical Service is required to be operated both in its permanent form at the Military Hospital and when on national or international deployments. 

The Medical Service carries out medical examinations of candidates applying for a career in the Armed Forces, as well as annual medical examinations for Army personnel on active service. 


The Medical Service is divided into Sections:

  • Medical Section
  • Dental Section
  • Pharmaceutical Section
  • Physiotherapy Section
  • Administration Section 

Medical Service Staff 

The Surgeon General is the Medical Advisor of the Chief Head of Defense. He maintains contact with military and civilian medical authorities, both national and international.

The Chief Military Medical Officer (Joëlle LINCK MD, Major) commands the Medical Service. She is responsible both for relations between the Medical Service and other units at the battalion level.  

The Chief Military Dental Officer is in charge of the Dental Section.  

The Chief Military Pharmacist is in charge of the Pharmaceutical Section. 

The Physiotherapy Section is managed by a graduate in physiotherapy

Qualified non-commissioned nursing officers are responsible for providing “nursing care”, organise the preparation of medical units for exercises or other missions, carry out first aid and hygiene education and manage the medical facilities of the Medical Service. 

Non-medical non-commissioned officers manage the administration of all non-medical aspects of the Medical Service. 

Professional and volunteer soldiers trained as first responders or EMTs are available to assist in the reception of patients, to support military activities on the ground and they also take part in the daily life of the unit. 


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