Capital: PodgoricaArea: 13.812 km2Population: 621.180Official Language: SerbianArmed Forces Personnel: 2.080Military Hospitals / Institutes: 0/n/aMissions: n/a

Surgeon General
Dr Predrag Rakocevic MD

Defence Forces Montenegro
Jovana Tomasevica 29
Podgorica 8100


Primary Health Care in the Armed Forces of Montenegro is organized and carried out by the Ministry of Defence which for that position has one professional military person, Minister of Defence Independent Adviser for Health Care Issues, who works in the MoD, Human Resources Department.
As far as command is concerned, primary health care leans an the Logistic Base of the Armed Forces of Montenegro. lt is head ed by a specialist of the internal medicine with rank of Colonel who is the Chief of Medical Service in the Logistic Base

The Chief of the Primary Health Care in the Armed Forces is in the rank of Colonel. He manages all the Garrison Clinics which are at the territory of Montenegro. Every Garrison Clinic has its own Chief who is military or civilian.

Ministry of Defence of Montenegro organizes and carries out the health care of the Armed Forces of Montenegro professional members, only at Role 1, by Garrison Clinics located in the units of the armed Forces of Montenegro. Every branch of the Armed Forces of Montenegro has its Garrison CIinics. Medical personnel is integrated into the troops at unit and command level. 

Primary Health Protection Clinics are located within:

  • The Navy in Bar and there are employed 2 doctors and 2 medical technicians, one doctor is specialist of under - water medicine, and small pressure chamber will be placed in that Clinic in the future.
  •  The Army in Danilovgrad with 2 doctors and 2 medical technicians, in Niksic 1 doctor and 1 technician, in Pljevlja 1 doctor and 1 technician and in Podgorica 3 doctors and 3 technicians.
  • The Air Force Base at the military Airport in Golubovci, in Podgorica 3 doctors specialists of t the air force medicine and 3 technicians. 

There are no pharmacists in the Armed Forces of Montenegro but the needed medicaments for professional soldiers can be procured in the civilian pharmacies, Stomatological Health Care in Montenegro is obligatory only for children up to 18 years, and for older than 65, while it is privatized for all other categories of population. All State General Hospitals personnel related are well secured and possess qualitative diagnostics.
Primary Health Care in the Armed Forces of Montenegro is monitored by the Team for Primary Health Care Support, accommodated in Podgorica and which consists of specialists from the following areas: Neuropsychiatry 1, Pneumonic-Phthysiology 1, Radiology 2, Biochemistry 1, Ophthalmology 1, Otolaryngology 1, and one Psychologist. One nurse or technician works with each doctor. This Team for Primary Health Care Support carries out systematic examinations of professional AF of Montenegro members, examinations of people who are accepted in the military service as well as examinations of professional soldiers who work or places hazard for health.
Primary Health Care in the Armed Forces of Montenegro has at its disposal medical vehicles for driving patients in urgent cases to regional hospitals. Armed Forces of Montenegro is small in number Institution and has only about 2000 of uniformed professional members, and for this reason, is does not have a need to develop its own large health capacities in the sense of military hospitals. 

Health protection of the Armed Forces of Montenegro is incorporated in the civilian health care system, that is in accordance with the systematic legislation.
Role 2 of health care or specialized health protection which is also used by professional members of the Armed Forces of Montenegro is at the level of public health i.e. regional General Hospitals. 

Field Deployments

The Armed Forces of Montenegro has in its possession helicopters of Gazelle type for transport of patients in Montenegro and the procurement of one helicopter of type AirMed-Evac is planned. The Navy of the Armed Forces of Montenegro does not have in its possession medical vessels hospitals aboard. Until now we do not have any experience in common development of the activities with other nation's medical services. 

Civil-Military Cooperation

In the case of certain elementary disasters or natural catastrophes the Armed Forces of Montenegro is able to develop field hospital under tents which comprises of Admission Triage Ward, General Medical Care Ward, Internal Ward, Operational Ward, lnfection Ward, Neuropsychiatry Ward. For the needs of all these wards in the case of necessity there would be en - gaged personnel from the regional hospitals since health care within the Armed Forces of Montenegro is not separate, but is incorporated in the System of public health care.

Section Defence Forces Dental Services

Shanghai, China


SDFDS is the Section Defence Forces Dental Services from the FDI. Every year prior to the FDI annual congress we organize an annual meeting. This meeting contains of a cultural day and a scientific program of 2 days, in which international military dentists share their experiences, challenges and latest developments.

The next meeting will be from 29 AUG-1SEPT in Shanghai, China


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FDI World Dental Congress 2020
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7th DiMiMED
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