Interview: Interview with Silvan Schibler, Product Manager for the HAMILTON-T1, a ventilator created especially for armed forces

A fully featured ventilator created especially for armed forces

In his new role as Product Manager at Hamilton Medical, Silvan Schibler can draw on some 18 years of experience in emergency medical services. For much of his career, Schibler has worked in ground-based civilian emergency services and also served as a Helicopter Emergency Medical Services Technical Crew Member (HEMS) on the Alpine Air Ambulance’s rescue helicopter, Lions 1.
In addition, he served as an emergency medical technician with KFOR SWISSCOY (Swiss Army contingent) in two peacekeeping missions in Kosovo, where he gained valuable insights into emergency medicine in a military setting. Schibler is also licensed as a professional helicopter pilot. At the start of 2023, Silvan Schibler embarked on a new phase in his career as the Product Manager for the HAMILTON-T1 ventilator at Hamilton Medical. EMMS spoke with Silvan Schibler about what prompted the transition and what sets the HAMILTON-T1 apart.