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Im Zukunftspark 1
74076 Heilbronn

Telefon: +49 7131 2706 100

Xenios AG – a Fresenius Medical Care company - is a pioneer in extracorporeal heart & lung support. The company unites two brands under one umbrella, Novalung and Medos and therefore offers the whole spectrum of both minimally invasive heart and lung support on one single platform: the Xenios console. 

Xenios products have applications with various acute and chronic diseases of the heart and lung if the affected organs are no long independently functional. This includes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), acute lung failure or circulatory collapse (cardiogenic shock) and cardiac surgery. 

Since October 2016 Xenios AG is part of the Fresenius Medical Care family, the worldwide market leader in kidney support and therefore forms a significant part of FME’s holistic multi-organ approach.