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Welcome to military-medicine.com. This is a ‘free at point of use’, open access resource for information and debate on military medicine. Our company and website provide four key resources for your use:


  1. Military Medical Corps Worldwide Almanac – the only comprehensive, international reference source for descriptions of nations’ military medical services
  2. Military-medicine.com Journal – a free internet journal for intellectual debate on topics in military medicine
  3. DiMiMed and a list of other military medical conferences – including – physical and virtual conferences and exhibitions on military medicine
  4. Military medical business forum – a hosting platform for commercial suppliers in the military medical market


Our business model uses the income from advertising and conferences to support the hosting of the Military Medical Corps Worldwide Almanac and Military-medicine.com Journal. The Almanac provides free access to the profiles of nations’ military medical services that have been provided through their Surgeons General. The Military-medicine.com Journal is an open, international source of thought and debate on the topic of ‘military medical services in support of national security objectives’. Our flagship conference is DiMiMed which is held alongside MEDICA in November each year. We also provide a listing of other international conferences on military medical topics. Our military medical business forum is designed to help you to identify suppliers in the military medical market that might meet the needs of your military medical services. Please visit the landing page for each section for more information.


We welcome feedback on any aspect of our website and services.

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Sub-Editors / Chairmen DiMiMED

Brigadier General (ret) Rob van der Meer
Colonel (ret) Gerry Kerr

3rd Annual Operational Medicine Symposium

September 28-29, 2021


The 3rd Annual Operational Medicine Symposium will focus on DoD initiatives to enhance military medicine in an era of great power competition. This symposium will bring together highly regarded medical professionals from all services to discuss the practice of medicine in expeditionary environments.